What is the Ultimate Archery Experience?

The Ultimate Archery Experience proves archery isn’t just about hunting! Take a look at all of High Impact Archery’s unique archery activities, from the high-energy Archery Tag, to kid-friendly Hover Ball, archery-themed parties, the 3D Archery Range everyone loves to shoot, and the flying targets of Sporting Arrows. There’s something in our Ultimate Archery Experience for sports lovers of all ages. Knowledge of archery not required!

Our ultimate archery experiences:

Shoot your friends and neighbors with this archery version of laser tag. It’s like the coolest archery video game you can imagine, but played in real life! Can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.

Putting on Archery Tag Face Masks | High Impact Archery
Protective face masks and foam-tipped arrows provided!
Archery Tag at Centennial | High Impact Archery
Race to grab as many arrows as possible
Center Consolidated Schools | Archery Tag
Eliminate opposing players by shooting them with arrows
Archery Tag – It's a hit! | High Impact Archery
Earn points by shooting out disks on targets

Take the challenge! Try to hit our special Laporte Flying Targets in this bow-and-arrow twist on shooting clay pigeons.

laporte sporting arrows disk thrower
Foam Laporte disks fall lightly to the ground
Sporting Arrows | Ultimate Archery Experience
Try to hit them as they fly through the air!
sporting arrows flu flu arrows
Bows and assistance provided
sporting arrows kids archery class
Fun for kids and adults alike!

Our 3D animal targets aren’t good to eat, but they are fun to shoot with our versatile, traveling 3D archery range. We can set it up practically anywhere!

traveling 3d archery range | High Impact Archery
Perfect for outdoor fundraisers or events.
3d bear archery target | High Impact Archery
Shoot animals large and small...
traveling 3d archery range | Ultimate archery experience
Native or non-native
3d archery course | Ultimate Archery Experience
Walk the course and test your skill against other archers

Hit balls floating in mid-air in this fun, intuitive, and easy-to-learn carnivalesque archery game. Hover Ball is ideal for young kids and people who’ve never shot a bow before. For ages 6-96!

hover ball archery target | High Impact Archery
The SAFE Archery Target system uses air to make balls float
little girl shooting hover ball | High Impact Archery
Kid tested and approved!
little boy shooting hover ball | High Impact Archery
Equipment and help provided
adult shooting hover ball | High Impact Archery
A fun challenge for people of all ages!

Ultimate Archery Means Ultimate Mobility

You don’t have to come to our brick-and-mortar store to take advantage of any or all of our unique archery activities. Everything in our Ultimate Archery Experience is completely mobile, so whether your event is indoor or outdoor, in summer or winter, on a ranch or in the city, High Impact Archery will work with you to bring the fun of archery to wherever, and whenever, you want it.

Call us today to explore the possibilities!

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Discover the thrill of archery with High Impact Archery’s Ultimate Archery Experience, the region’s leader in archery activities and events.

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