What is Sporting Arrows?

Sporting Arrows is like shooting clay pigeons, but for archery! Up to 5 shooters form a line ready to shoot, with recurve bows and flu flu arrows. The target, a 10-inch foam circle, is released into the air and all the archers aim and shoot. If an arrow hits it, the arrow sticks in the target and it falls to the ground. It’s possible for 2 or 3 archers to hit the same target. It doesn’t matter how many hits the target takes, because it does not break. Each shooter knows if they hit the target because their arrows are “stuck” in it.

Book Sporting Arrows for your event or party!

  • You rent or provide the location–indoor or outdoor–we come and set it up!
  • Event requires at least 5 people. 10 arrows are shot per round.
  • Booking includes bows, arrows, LaPorte Flying Arrow Disk Thrower, disk targets, and High Impact Archery staff to assist.
  • Location must be a minimum of 80 feet x 180 feet and free of obstacles.
  • If indoor, location needs to have at least a 30-foot high ceiling (think gymnasium size).
  • Location must be available for a minimum of 3 hours (2 hours of game play, 1 hour to set up/break down).
  • A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to book an event.
  • If weather turns inclement, efforts will be made to reschedule.

Schedule Sporting Arrows for your event today!

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