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Archery Tag JOAD Team | High Impact Archery
Archery Tag JOAD Team | High Impact Archery

Are you an archer age 8-20 years old and looking to safely develop your skills, perhaps even to the competitive level? Then High Impact Archery JOAD (short for Junior Olympic Archery Development) is for you! A program run through USA Archery, JOAD isn’t just for Olympic hopefuls: it offers a safe and fun environment for archery development at all levels, from beginner to advanced, competitive to recreational. JOAD participants don’t just learn how to shoot, but gain confidence, sportsmanship, a team work ethic, and focus.

High Impact Archery offers two ways to participate in JOAD:

  • For younger archers or those only interested in recreational shooting, we offer JOAD 101, a 6-week course that runs continuously throughout JOAD season. Our Level II USA Archery certified instructors help archers learn the fundamentals of shooting and progress through beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Cost of the class is $100 for every six week course. JOAD students can take the class as often as they like.
  • More advanced archers who are interested in competitive shooting can join Team High Impact Archery, which travels to JOAD tournaments all over the state. Tournaments are typically held once every month and are hosted by different JOAD teams. Cost to be a member of the competitive team is $40/year for a USA Archery membership, $50/month team dues, and registration fees for competitions (varies).

Team High Impact Archery JOAD membership includes:

  • 1 complimentary bow tune a year ($40 value)
  • As-needed arrow repair
  • 1 hour free shooting on Saturdays for every week of attended practice
  • JOAD Award pins for meeting specific achievements
  • Professional coaching
  • Use of deluxe indoor facility and archery ranges
  • Competition jersey (competitive JOAD only)
  • In house individual bow rental (JOAD 101 only)
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How do I join High Impact Archery JOAD?

  • Contact us at 719-924-8682 to ask about participating in the High Impact Archery JOAD program.
  • Be the first to hear about news and tournaments, view and share photos, and receive JOAD materials on our High Impact Archers JOAD Facebook group.
  • Sign up for our JOAD Newsletter to get news and updates directly to your inbox!

2017/2018 JOAD Season

JOAD Season runs October-April. Here are the scheduled tournament dates so far.

JOAD Events

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