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3D Pop-Up Preregistration

Want to make absolutely sure you get the chance to participate in our famous 3D Pop-Up Tour? Preregister today!

Plus **NEW 2018** preregistrants have the exclusive opportunity to purchase 5 qualifying rounds and unlimited practice rounds for $250.

Simply fill out the form below and hit submit. You can then submit payment by phone. Unfortunately, we are not currently able to accept online payments. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Current 3D Pop-Up Tour stops available for preregistration:

  • Colorado Springs Sportsman & Boat Expo, Feb. 23-25, 2018

Before registering, please read our shoot rules.

3D Pop-Up Tour Online Preregistration
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  • Your $250 preregistration includes:
  • $45 event ticket with re-entry pass
  • 5 Qualification rounds ($50 value)
  • Unlimited practice rounds (the sky's the limit!)
Terms and Conditions – Please read!

By clicking the agreement box below and submitting this form, I confirm that I understand preregistration fees are absolutely non-refundable, but that in return for preregistering I will receive 5 qualifying rounds and unlimited practice rounds to get a jump on the competition.

I also confirm that I've read and agree to comply with the rules of the shoot. I further agree to assume all responsibility for equipment loss or damage, malfunctions or injury, and to hold harmless High Impact Archery, Colorado Springs Sportsman & Boat Expo, or any of its persons or affiliates to any liability whatsoever.

Agreeing to these terms and conditions is required prior to participation. You will be asked to sign a form on the day of the shoot confirming your understanding.

Please check the box below to confirm you have read and agree to the above terms and conditions.
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  2. You MUST select the box above before you can register. Then hit submit below.

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Important! To submit your preregistration fee, please call us at 719-924-8682,
T-F 11-7 and Sat 11-5. You will not be officially pre-registered until we receive your payment. Thank you!

Thank you for preregistering!

One last step: submit your payment over the phone by calling us at 719-924-8682. Our business hours are Tues-Fri, 11-7, and Sat 11-5.

Final day to complete preregistration is the Tuesday before the tour stop.