At High Impact Archery, we're more than just bows and arrows!

Coming Soon: 2017 Winter Archery Leagues

Put your skills to the test and compete in our 3D Target and TechnoHUNT Archery Leagues this fall. Competition starts October 2nd and runs for 12 consecutive weeks.
3D Archery Range | High Impact Archery

Indoor 3D Archery League

Shoot our 40-arrow 3D Archery course once a week to earn bragging rights and prizes. There are four classes, two possible days available, and a ton of fun to be had! Targets will be changed weekly and the best 10 scores will count for overall.

Dates and Time:

  • 7 pm Mondays OR Wednesdays, starting October 2nd and October 4th respectively
  • You must sign up for a specific league day. Only 35 people allowed for each day


  • $100 per person if registered before Sept. 10th. After Sept. 10th, $125
  • Cost to shoot individual nights will be $15
View the 2017 3D Archery League Rules

TechnoHUNT Winter League

TechnoHUNT’s virtual hunting experience will make you feel like you’re in the wild! Take a shot at 30 different real-life hunting scenarios every week. That’s 360 scenes total! Best 10 scores will be kept for the overall.

  • League runs during normal business hours in our brick-and-mortar store (M-F, 11am-7pm, Sat 11-5), so you can shoot whenever’s convenient. Just be sure to reserve your time slot.
  • Cost is only $60 per person for 12 weeks of play!
View the 2017 TechnoHUNT League Rules
TechnoHUNT Archery League | High Impact Archery

Call us at 719-924-8682 or book online

There are limited spots available, and you definitely don't want to miss out!

Archery class for kids|High Impact Archery

Preview Our Fall Archery Classes

There’s one good thing about the end of summer: archery season! Whether you’re interested in hunting, tournaments, or just want to shoot a bow, we have classes to help get you there. From introductory Archery is Fun to Junior Olympic Archery Development, our certified USA Archery instructors are trained to teach shooters of any age and skill level how to safely and successfully become the best archers they can be.

Register Now!

Recent High Impact Archery Events

From 3D ranges, archery competitions, outdoor events, and parties, we travel far and wide to bring archery to sports lovers of all ages and skill levels.

3D Pop-Up Tour

Get ready to shoot to win! High Impact Archery’s 3D Pop-Up Tour is an archery competition for all skill levels, and we’re coming to your city as part of the International Sportsmen’s Expo. Bring your bow and shoot at Rinehart 3D Targets for the chance to lay your hands on cash prizes, not to mention bragging rights. Thanks to our unique handicap system, practically anyone has a chance to win.

Preregister Online

Pre-register and get 3 extra practice rounds for free. That's a $15 value!

The Ultimate Archery Experience

Want to add friendly competition and fun new activities to your event or party? Call High Impact Archery and ask for the Ultimate Archery Experience! From Hover Ball to 3D ranges, Shooting Arrows to Archery Tag, all you have to do is provide the location and we’ll come set it up, provide the equipment, and be on hand to help.

Call us at 719-924-8682 to explore the possibilities!

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • Fantastic place! They accommodated our party for some archery tag and we had an amazing time. Highly recommended.

    Joey Kersey

    Colorado Springs, CO

  • An absolute great crew running the 3D Pop-Up Tour! Can’t wait for you to come back to Sacramento!!

    Chris Anderson

    Sacramento, CA

  • Had a great time shooting the 3D challenge. Hope to see High Impact Archery and the gang for years to come.

    Ted Pierce

  • Awesome group. Completely professional and a lot of fun.

    Kim Ireland

    Pueblo, CO

  • Gene has gone the extra mile to accommodate my son with disabilities. This is a wonderful place and Gene and Shelly are so kind and caring. Thank you both for everything you do.

    David Duque

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